Regular Sleeping Chart for the Wellness of Your Body

Regular Sleeping Chart for the Wellness of Your Body

Healthy sleeping habits show the wellness of your body. Working for the whole day and you couldn’t able to sleep well at night is a very big problem. The quality of your night sleep depends upon the time you go to bed, day to day lifestyle activities and sleeping schedule. A good sleep will develop concentration, reduced stress and gives you more energy to do next day work. It is necessary to sleep at least 7 to 8 hours to function best.

You will feel energized and refreshed if you keep a regular chart of sleeping schedule, going to the bed on time and waking up at the same time each day. You can set a regular bedtime, and try to follow on weekends too. You can get up automatically on time without an alarm, as you get enough sleep. If you need an alarm clock, set the time to wake up regularly even on weekends. Suppose if you have lost sleep of two hours at night, you can compensate on daytime.

Hence, this will not disturb your daily routine of sleeping cycle. During day time, you can sleep for a short period of time (nap) 15 to 30 minutes. Eliminate napping, if you have insomnia. After dinner, you should not go to bed directly. Avoid drowsiness after eating, otherwise, it will wake you up in the midnight and you will find hard to sleep back again. So you can do some works after eating like washing dishes, talking to your kids etc….

Regulating Sleep-Wake up Rhythm Naturally

Melatonin regulates your sleep and wakes up the rhythm. It is a hormone controlled by light exposure. The brain secretes melatonin less in the morning time, to keep you alert and secretes more in the evening to keep you sleepy. The lifestyle disrupts the natural production of melatonin in your body and with your wake up cycle.

Working in an office of a closed environment away from natural light will affect your wellness and brain to sleepy. On the other hand, watching TV and working on a computer or laptop for several hours will decrease the production of melatonin and makes you harder to sleep.

You can make to increase the exposure of light on daytime by removing the sunglasses, exercising outside and by spending tea time breaks outside. Open the doors and windows during daytime and open the curtains. Avoid watching TV or computer at night times and don’t use bright lamps, instead, you can use low wattage bulbs.

Regular exercise and good food habits along with eight hours of sleep keep you fit and strong. Avoid eating heavy meals and rich foods at night and try to finish your dinner before the 8’o clock. More amounts of fat content foods will find difficult to adjust. Spicy foods with rich sauces will hurt your stomach and heartburn.

Avoid smoking cigarettes and taking alcohols. Avoid caffeine products during the night, as it keeps you active. And also, avoid drinking tea, juices, and water, as it causes frequent urination disrupting your sleep.

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